As a premier provider of security camera, access control and broadband wireless systems in the Mid-Atlantic region, SeeView Security offers several solutions to meet your organization’s security needs. Mega-Pixel IP CamerasWireless Camera SystemsData and Cloud Center SecurityMega-Pixel Camera and Access Control, and Milestone XProtect Video Management are just of few of the myriad of security solutions that SeeView can help you implement.

Mega-Pixel IP Cameras

SeeView is proud to offer a large variety of IP Mega-Pixel cameras from some of the world leading providers. SeeView has built its SeeWall ® Test Center and is continually testing new products to be able to continuously offer its best-of-breed solutions. Because all of our IP Mega-Pixel cameras produce IP industry standard signals, they can be easily transported by traditional networking equipment (generally CAT 5 cable which is the blue cables that you use to connect your computers but also wireless such as Wi-Fi or LTE).

Wireless Camera Systems

SeeView has extensive experience in deploying Mega-Pixel IP camera systems in which some or all of the video is carried over wireless links. Depending on our customer’s requirements our wireless systems can be as simple as connecting a camera to a network with Wi-Fi or it could involve redundant, high security, heavily encrypted microwave or millimeter wave links spanning many miles.

Data and Cloud Center Security

Anyone who has ever gotten a virus on their computer can relate to the importance of having firewalls, virus protection and other assorted cyber-security to protect these data warehouses and cloud computing centers. We don’t do that. What we provide are state-of-the-art physical security solutions. Server failures, data theft, data/configuration modification or worse can be caused by a variety of physical events as benign as the someone accidentally unplugging the wrong server to as extreme as a terrorist sabotaging a server, facility or network.

Mega-Pixel Camera and Access Control

Besides the stand alone advantages of the Mega-Pixel IP camera systems that we deploy, some of the biggest benefits arise from the integration of the video system with other IP systems that you might have, most typically access control. Access Control generally means a system that utilizes electronic or magnetic locks that limit access to some or all of a facility except for people with the proper credentials, typically some combination of a mag-strip or proximity card, pass code and/or biometrics.

Milestone XProtect Video Management

SeeView Security is the only Advanced and Professional certified platinum partner for Milestone Systems in the Washington DC Metro area. Milestone XProtect™ is the industry’s leading open platform IP video management software. It acts as the core of your surveillance system, connecting all the hardware of your choice for an optimal, integrated solution. Seeview offers Milestone XProtect™ in tiers as packaged solutions scaled to different business needs.

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